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A: The maximum recommended weight capacity is 2400 lbs for our straight, welded legs version and 600 lbs for the bullet-locking leg version.

A: No tools are required for assembly.

A: It is very easy to assemble. Just unfold the legs and clip the center bars in. Refer to the manual provided with your product or on our website if you need visual instructions.

A: The clearance is 7".

A: Depending on which version you have purchased, your frame may or may not be compatible with bed risers. If your version has folding legs, it will not be supported due to the angled nature of the legs.

A: The reinforced steel structure prevents movement and adds to the stability of the frame.

A: Due to the stability and design of the frame, it will not squeak as long as the weight limitations are not exceeded.

A: The shipping dimensions inside the packaging carton are 96” x 13” x 16.5”.

A: The dimensions are 75” x 59.5” x 7” for the largest size configuration.

A: Wheels cannot be installed.

A: Of course, but keep in mind there is only 7" of clearance.

A: No.

A: This frame supports Twin, Full, and Queen size mattresses. It will not support a King or larger size mattress.

A: Depending on your version, your legs may either be straight and already locked, or folding with the option to lock when fully unfolded and flat on the ground.

A: Once the box spring is applied, you can use a bed skirt.

A: No.

A: No. A box spring is required for this bed frame.

A: Yes. Please do not try to use this frame without one.

A: Yes, the frame allows for headboard attachment. Depending on the version purchased, the brackets may be built into the frame, or you'll have to purchase separate attachments.

A: Once the center legs are removed, this frame folds in half for easy storage.

A: This product comes with a five (5) year limited warranty available to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty covers product defects only and does not cover damage due to mishandling, misuse or abuse.

A: No.

A: A box spring is required for the use of this bed frame. Be mindful in the type of box spring you purchase to prevent slippage.

A: This bed frame can support almost any type of mattress with the appropriate box spring.

A: No.

A: We do not recommend using this frame for waterbeds.

A: It was built in our factories in China.